Reviews of "(We Had) A Thing" that have appeared in recent publications:

"In other Wave Music news, the label is doing deservedly well with "We Had A Thing," a yummy single by Abstract Truth.  Although nothing can beat the act's original uptempo version, radio mix-show programmers are gravitating towards the rich downtempo interpretation of the song by Jay Denes of San Francisco's reliably fab Naked Music Productions posse. In fact, KMEL (S.F.) was among the first stations to pump the track. If you haven't investigated this winner, don't be lazy and wait for it to catch full crossover fire. Be among the heroes to herald it now, when it can truly benefit from your support."Billboard Magazine  - Larry Flick (March 28,1998)

"As a follow up to their masterful hit "Get Another Plan," this feel good cut by the New York collective Abstract Truth is sure to generate quite a buzz. The kickass Original Version is a bright, classy R&B groove with gorgeous vocals, sleek basslines, well placed horns, sparkling piano work, and a prominent funky drum kick. Deep Zone's Matthias Heilbronn then quickens the tempo with a deep and dreamy, but highly dancable, Dub that's built around a snappy bass riff and a tight house kick, with some sassy guitarwork and elegant horn rides interspersed with echoed vocal snips. His Body and Soul mix. though, is my favored uptempo cut, combining full-on vocals with the same smooth soulful treatment as the Dub. Jay Denes' Naked Remix closes out the selection, a far more stripped down slow-burner that mellows the mood by the subduing the groove-sparse watery keys, phat bass, that ever-present melancholy horn, subtle rhythm guitars, and those big beautiful vocals.
This is one of the rare cases where I definitely prefer the down-tempo cuts to the house mixes, so don't pass 'em up. I can't wait for a full length album from this group."Dance Music Authority - Margaret Coble (April 98)

"Not as catchy as last year's remarkably Stevie Wonder-esque 'Get Another Plan', which appeared on Talkin Loud, but nevertheless gorgeous, a thoroughly soulful delivery of a moving song over smouldering, gently shunting, jazz-tinged downbeat musicianship. Matty's mixes are marginally more bumpy for dance club approachability, and all have superb trumpet to puncuate the moment. Phat-P: "Deeply relaxing, with the structure of composed music, something that'll go down in Ibiza at places like Cafe Mambo during those long lazy afternoons on the beach, yet still possible to play out club-wise by the right DJ. Awesome *****"
DJ Magazine - Wottatune! (March 14-27)

"We Had A Thing"  is currently being played on:
Hot 97

San Francisco
KMEL ( full rotation - 4.6 million listeners!!)

Choice 102.2

FG 98.2 FM

Station 1 100 FM

DJ play charts:

#2      Dimitri from Paris

#5      Louie Vega

#9      House top 10 - DJ magazine

#39    Hype Chart - DJ magazine

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